i am so swamped with school work it’s not even funny. email? what is that? i wish i had time to catch up on all of them 😦 i didn’t tell you that our luggage didn’t make it with us to italy (until the next day) because i knew you’d freak out. i was trying not to freak out. eventually it made it, but yeah – we were lucky we had the luxury of going back to the airport. my classes are going well although there is more work to be done than time in the day. i tried to wake up early today but you know what kind of early-bird i am. i’m a noon bird.

aside from lack of sleep i am having fun giving classes, and was told last night by my instructor that “i look like a natural teacher” and “the students react well to you” so that’s nice.

i managed to buy some delicious cheese at the store last night. it was a bit of a crap shoot. the picture on the package had a little smily cow on the front, so i thought “ok, this could be mild happy cheese.” i was afraid i would get home and it’d be some kind of nasty stinky cheese that i don’t like, but it wasn’t…it’s delicious and from now on i will just buy that cheese. i also got some cherry tomatoes and milk, and a little cookie thing that i have yet to try. and some dark bread. really though i don’t have much time at home so i’ve been eating out a lot, but you can eat here for about 5-6 dollars a day. so it’s worth it, and even though i’ve been eating many a hot dog, my pants are still getting looser and looser. yeah! alright back to studying.


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