Czech wine, the opera, homework, and blue laundry


another great weekend in prague! despite the challenging classes (ok, sometimes just plain shitty) i really do like prague. i still find the people a bit rude but that’s part of a new place.

friday afternoon after our final exam (we all passed! and i didn’t even “squeak by” – i did well) we all went to lunch at this restaurant that has been open since 1466. the food was decent but the beer was really good. everyone else had beer but i had the usual glass of wine, this time a really good red czech wine. sometimes their wine isn’t very good but on friday i
found a good one. everyone else went to a few more pubs that night but i went home early due to exhaustion. veronica (classmate/roomie) and i have fallen into a lovely geek routine of staying home on either friday or saturday night in our pajamas, reading books, eating gummi worms, and drinking wine. two happy little homebody nerds.

saturday most of the class went to Karlstejn castle and spelunking in the country, about 45 minutes from prague.

i just didn’t feel like going, nor did veronica, so we hung out around town and did more sightseeing within prague. it rained pretty hard all day so we were soaking wet but still laughing! she’s also from the northwest (oregon) so i guess she and i are just used to being rained on and it didn’t matter at all.

i decided to see what my chances were for seeing an opera that night so we walked over to the State Opera (one block from our flat!) and bought myself a ticket to Giuseppe Verdi’s “La Traviata.” it was a $50 ticket but come on – i’m in prague, it’s the opera, and…what other reasons do you need?!?!!? i went home and dyed my hair back to brown and got dressed for the opera. i had a cappuccino and croissant at my favorite bakery on the way, and walked into the opera house….oh – my – god….it was GORGEOUS!!! the whole building was just amazing. even better was my seat – right in the middle, dead on to the stage. yeah! i was surrounded by -clean- smelling Czech people and treated to the most wonderful opera experience. the sets were great, very minimal, and the talent. oh my god the talent. i’ve never seen the opera live, and there is truly nothing more moving. google “La Traviata” if you’re not familiar with it. i totally want to go again. veronica and i have tickets to see “a midsummer night’s dream” on tuesday evening at the same opera house so i am super excited! 🙂

sunday we did a lot more homework, this time at a little starbucks-esque coffee house north of wenceslas square. i succeeded in jacking myself up on enough caffeine to kill a horse but i still finished my homework. i think i also annoyed veronica quite a bit but she’s still smiling at me today. we did a little shopping, went by the Alfons Mucha (google him) museum/store, and had dinner at a great little italian place. there was a fat little baby in there who kept smiling and blowing kisses at us from across the room. he totally melted us, that little romeo!

sunday evening the landlord came by to look at our shitty little washing machine, which keeps dying all our clothes blue. he said the “colorization” problem is from a dirty filter, so he changed the filter and ran a test load…and alas….more smurf-hued clothing! apparently there is a russian laundromat next door to the flat, and the lady will launder and press your
clothes for next to nothing. so i’m going to take my new collection of blue underwear to the russian dry cleaner and have them properly pressed.

tonight is my final teaching practice, tomorrow is the ballet, wednesday is moderation (a formal moderator person from Oxford College in London comes in and meets with us one-to-one and tells us whether or not we pass the course) and then…i’m done!

more later, time for class.

lots of love, say hello! 🙂



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