I sold Ms. PNK today. PNK gave me 7 years of totally awesome service but alas, it was time to move onto bigger and better (?) things.

PNK and I were tight. She shuttled me faithfully and frugally back and forth to San Marcos for 3 years of college after my first Civic bought the farm. She shuttled me faithfully and frugally to and from Colorado at least 6 different times.

One of those times was in 2007 with Kaylee. We started our day in Austin at 3am, headed for a week of free skiing in Crested Butte. We filled PNK with fuel every chance we got, unsure of what each small town would have in the way of facilities. Kaylee managed to talk herself out of a speeding ticket as PNK “sped” through Childress (in which I’ve had 2 other speeding tickets….I remember exclaiming “YES!!!!!!” just as we were about to get through Childress because we managed to avoid the cops. Yeah, spoke too soon!) The trip continued and we drove north past Santa Fe, not too much further to our destination. Right before the final pass it started to snow. No, it started to BLIZZARD outside…. everything was closing down and visibility was crap… we kept going. PNK chugged right up that mountain, over the pass, and back down the mountain as it was blanketed with 5′ of fresh snow. She never missed a beat. She got us to Gunnison safe and sound without hesitating.

Kaylee learned how to shovel snow off a car the next morning.

PNK has been my BFF on 150+ trips (no joke) back and forth between Cypress and Austin, helping me “cope” with the crappiness of living in Houston.

But today PNK went to a new family. A new family with two young kids who will no doubt put their dirty feet all over PNKs meticulous seats. She’ll take it in stride because PNK is a champ.

I’ll miss you PNK! Thank you, merci, gracias, grazie, and danke schoene for your faithful service!!!


2 thoughts on “PNK

  1. An ode to the PNK mobile:

    the ol’ girl that never faultered
    whenever Nikki had to slumber
    I drove clutch and took your wheel
    through blizzard, hail, sleet, and rain!

    I always recognized that rear of a PNK
    no matter how many other civics there had to be
    farewell, farewell…

    -k.Harris 12-14-09

  2. Ode to PNK from Mom

    You have been the most trusted, faithful friend
    All over the States you have been
    Carrying my precious cargo to and fro
    And ne’r once leading your trusted friend astray

    We will miss you, Miss PNK
    Be as kind to your new family as you have been to us
    You will always have a place in our hearts

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