I used to be a trucker: Part II

After the last trip through Deming I thought “certainly things will get better”. But like my 4th grade teacher once wisely told me, things don’t get better they just get different. Still, I’m an optimist.

Things were going fairly smoothly until winter 2005 really set in. I’ve never been totally comfortable driving in the snow, mainly because people go so damn fast around me and it freaks me out. I can do it though as long as I don’t have to be anywhere anytime soon 🙂

So I was on another trip to Craig, CO. I was to meet up with John in Steamboat Springs later in the day so we could drive back home together after he dropped off a truck in either Rifle or Meeker, I can’t really remember. A storm was due to blow in later that night but it was bluebird skies through the afternoon. I had the big truck I was driving into Silverthorne by mid-morning and turned north toward Steamboat. I was cruising along, not doing anything fast and listening to “99 Luft Balloons” (why I remember that, I have no idea. I can’t remember what I ate for dinner yesterday) when all of a sudden the truck spun out and flew into snow ditch on the side of the road. Before I totally freaked the hell out I tried to back the thing up and out of the ditch, only to dig the truck in deeper. That’s when I lost it. My truck was nose-down in a bank of snow at almost a 45 degree angle and I was stuck inside of it, without REALLY warm clothes or any food. I had my ski coat and gloves on, some jeans, and boots, but nothing to keep me warm should this turn into a long day. The road I was on was not heavily traveled so I was totally freaking out that I’d be stranded for god only knows how long.

I sat in the truck for trying to get a signal on my cell phone to call for help….nothing. Then what comes by? A Subaru. A Subaru full of people that would soon become my first set of heroes for the day! The couple in that Subaru got out, helped me shovel my way out of the truck, and offered to give me a ride to Steamboat where they were also heading. Mind you I don’t make a habit of hitching but these people seemed to be alright, and they had a beautiful Golden Retriever in the backseat. Subaru + Dog = pretty good in my book but hey I’m biased.


Anyway, turns out the lady was a vet tech at the clinic in Steamboat and the guy… I forgot what he did. All I remember is that he drove really well and didn’t make fun of me for putting the truck in the ditch, or crying as I dug out of it, or for talking to their golden like a crazy person.

They took me to Steamboat and let me stay with them at the vet clinic until John showed up. And oh boy was he unhappy when he showed up. Apparently he had to hitchhike to Steamboat since I was unable to pick him up like planned, and he was pissed that his truck was in a ditch, and pissed that we were going to be late getting home. Oh and by the way, yes John I’m ok, didn’t get hurt, thank you for asking (not). I used my own AAA account to have the truck picked up by a special tow truck due to the size of the truck. So then I got to hop into another creepy persons’ truck and drive over an isolated and snowy pass to the site of where I’d ditched my truck. Even the tow truck guy was impressed with my mad skillz at burying that thing deeeeeep as I could into the ditch. LOL!

He got it pulled out and back onto the road. “Want to drive it back to Steamboat?” he asked. It goes without saying that I wasn’t driving anything anywhere at that point so I allowed Mr. Tow Truck Guy to drive it back over the pass, once again, and into Steamboat. By the time all this was said and done I’d driven over that pass not 1 but 3 times and when I finally met up with John, he was on fire.


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