Time to get our ski on!

My BFF and I do our best to perpetuate the annual ski trip tradition, and thankfully, this year is no different! I’ll take a full order of Breckenridge with a side order of Copper Mountain, please!

It all began in 2004…

Besties at the IHOP in Silverthorne, CO

Phillip before the fit

to Phillip in bed, after the fit…

After the fit

to Kaylee’s triumph on Dercum Mountain…

and her early-morning “let’s catch the first lift” motivation

The first lift of the day is at.... 11AM?

Our ski trips have led us down beautiful snowy paths…

a wee stroll

and who can forget the impromptu sexy photo sessions…

...ahem, Phillip...

 and snow-bound dance parties!

Shake it girl!

Sadly, no ski trips 2005-2006, but 2007 came with a big ‘ol heap of snow in Crested Butte and 2008 was a mellower time in Santa Fe. I am so excited to see what this year brings!!! Breckenridge, here we come!!!


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