Happy Birthday Meecie!

I’ve known you since you were a by-then-totally-worldly 23 and I was but a silly 19-year-old in tight black pants.

You drove a sensational baby blue Prelude with stickers all over it. (You still like your stickers…) We’d go out in Austin, laughing it up as I snuck into bars and shared a beer or 3 with you.

You were always my protector – still are – and made sure I was home safe and sound before you started your drive back to Fort Hood. One time my parents and I convinced you to stay over… the drive to Killeen was so long, and it was so late… so you stayed and slept on my futon while I slept on the floor. I thought you were uh-mazing but way too hairy, which at 19 is a totally valid reason for not wanting to date somebody justsoyouknow.

Years went by and we stayed in touch – through Arizona, Korea, and Iraq. You finally got back from your war and I grew up and realized that just maybe, hairy wasn’t so bad.

The year we moved in together we celebrated your 30th birthday with angel food cake.

This year we started the party hat tradition:

Hazel's Birthday

It’s your turn now so get home soon, ok? In the meantime… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEECIE!!!!

With Love,
Your Wife ‘n Hazel


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