The Buzz Bean

I tried a new restaurant for lunch today, a place called Thai Chili in NW Houston. Totally delicious! I got the veggie pad kee mao (drunken noodles) and had a feast. Actually it’s enough food for like, 4 feasts. The food is great, the place was tidy, and the people super nice. Which got me thinking about some of the other places around us that have the same awesomeness. There’s one in particular that stuck out in my mind:

NAME: The Buzz Bean
LOCATION: Giddings, TX
WHY IT’S AWESOME: Dogs are allowed inside. The woman who owns it is a sweetheart, makes a frothy hot chocolate to cure what ails ya, locally-owned. There’s also a free book exchange with shelves of books, internet….

…did I mention dogs are welcome? With dog treats for my little Hazel?


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