New Console Table – Unfinished

Maurice and I started building our new console table this weekend. I’ve been wanting/needing a console table for quite some time but couldn’t quite swallow the $499 price tag on the one I really, really wanted at a certain home decor shop. Seems to be that the more simple something is, the harder it is to find and the more it costs.

Really, how difficult could it be to build a table with four solid legs and a chunky top? “Not that hard” I had always assumed…. yet never found any plans to build my own.  Until 2 weeks ago when I came across my new favorite blog, Knock Off Wood. Ana is one badass chick and my new go-to gal for furniture. Between her and my friends (they don’t know it yet, but they are my friends!) at Young House Love I could furnish and redecorate my entire house.

Anyway, Ana made up some plans for the kick-ass console table I’ve been eyeballing and I jumped on it. The price tag was by FAR better than the $499 one at the “other” store, not to mention the satisfaction of building something on my own. My friend Ricky lended me his tools (thanks Ricky!) and my darling husband his time. We bought everything else we needed (lumber, wood glue, screws, stain, etc.) at the big blue hardware store and set to work. Here it is in progress:



cutting the different lengths of wood

framing the table

all put together

…once it’s been sanded and stained I will post the final pictures!



6 thoughts on “New Console Table – Unfinished

  1. Thank you Kevin! It was my first time building anything and I had a great time. I’m excited to sand and stain it so I can enjoy the final product!

  2. If you are going to stain it, if you don’t mind a couple of tips. I use an old torn up undershirt to put the stain on. I also apply it in circles let it dry for a few minutes and then wipe it with the grain. If you apply it in circles you can go over the entire top and not worry about the breadboard ends and then you can pull it with the grain of the wood. Also to help protect it you might want to get some Wipe On or Spray on polyurethane and at least coat the top a little. Can’t wait to see your finished project.

    • Oh, thank you!!! We’ll have to try those tips. We do have some satin poly that we’re going to finish it with… is using a brush for the stain and/or poly a no-no?

  3. No you will be fine. A foam brush is a little better for both. The problem with using a brush is you can sometimes get brush lines in the finish. If you do you can take some 400 Grit or above sandpaper and lightly sand the finish till the whole thing looks a little cloudy then use a tack cloth and wipe it off then apply another coat or two of the poly. It should go on pretty even at that point. Good luck. Here is the great thing about both if you don’t like the way it looks sand it off. If you have any other questions feel free to shoot me an email. Just remember to have fun. That’s the most important part of this. 🙂

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