Fashion Show!

DISCLAIMER: We are not *those* kind of dog owners that dress up their dogs just for shits and giggles… these clothes were ordered with a purpose. A very cold, going-to-spend-a-week-in-five-feet-of-snow-and-don’t-want-our-Hazel-to-freeze-her-belly kind of purpose. She’s not froo-froo. These are purely functional!!

But while we’re at it, we might as well have a fashion show!

Hazel Beckham

neues Deutsches Fussball mitglied

And now, a black and red little ditty:

you like?

I'm so good, give me that treat.

Every respectable girl needs a stylin’ raincoat!

work it...

my best angle... i learned this on the runways of milan.

And finally, Hazel “Sugar Ray” Belleville gets ready for her time in the ring… (hey, she’s multi-faceted)

i throw a mean left-hook! gotta give props to my trainer, dude belleville

i'm outta here... need to go find my dignity.


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