Deepwater Horizon

I have a small handful of things to say about this awful disaster. Most importantly, I thank God every day Maurice was not on that rig. I can’t fathom being the wife of any of one of any of the guys who were on it, especially of the 11 who died.

There is much in the news on this disaster, focused now mainly on the oil that has continued to leak from the time the explosion happened to present day, and the environmental toll it will take. Some reports have speculated the spill could be worse than the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989. That is yet to be seen, but there is no doubt the whole thing is a total mess.

BP. Though they did not “own” the rig, they leased it and as such need to share culpability for the whole thing. BP’s safety record SUCKS; one only need to recall the 2005 Texas City explosion, the 2006 Alaska pipeline spill, or the fact that BP claims to not have lost an employee in the past ten years. That must be more easy for the BP execs to digest then saying “WE haven’t lost a person, because everybody who works for us is a contractor”. When a contract – such as my husband w/FMC – dies or is injured while working for BP, apparently BP doesn’t want to own up to it.

Conspiracy theorists, stop wasting our time dumping your crap into the media. Media, stop covering that crap!

To my family and friends who said absolutely nothing to me about the disaster, shame on you. SHAME ON YOU. Not a peep from most of my family or his. I’m angry about it. THANK YOU to those who cared to ask. My husband/your friend/your son/your nephew/your son-in-law could have died, this is the work he does, and you should care enough to pick up the phone and ask.

God bless everybody working to clean the mess up; to the guys in Oceaneering’s DTS shop working 24/7 to create a tool to shut off the leak; to our Oceaneering ROV pilots working to turn off the leak; to the United States Coast Guard for helping rescue those men and put out the fires; to the emergency personnel and nurses and doctors who treated and will be treating the injured for years to come.


One thought on “Deepwater Horizon

  1. Babe thanks sooooo much for posting this!!! It’s like the nightmare won’t end. However, you and your family esp. Mo, are in my thoughts on this. I love love love your blog and will bookmark this to keep up with your travels, cooking, and life in general. I should send you some recipes!!!! See you soon my dear…. xoxo, Les.

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