It’s a hard life!

Dear Mom & Dad,

No need to worry about me. My in-laws have been doting on me. Maurice likes to give me peanut-butter filled bones. He takes me for walks often, and this morning he took me for a spin in his cool car – I stuck my head out the window and let my gorgeous blonde locks blow in the wind!

I thought this trip to the big city would cramp my style but it’s totally rad. They’re always giving me belly rubs, they call me “such a sweet girl” all the time, and I overheard them say that I am so much more mellow than Hazel – which, no offense BFF, but you’re kind of an attention-stealing diva! You’ll chill out with age. In the meantime I’m totally diggin all this attention.

Saturday morning Maurice made me eggs to go with my breakfast. Last night Nikki gave me a piece of cheese. Darn that Jarlsberg is delicious!  They are diligent about giving me my “old lady” meds. They’re really sweet and always give me a little something special afterwards – I am such a kept woman!

Anyway, no need to worry about me. You two have fun and I’ll be here living it up at my flat in the city. Tonight we’re going for a walk in the park since it’s only 84 degrees outside, so it’s time I get some beauty rest.

oscillating fans are cool! haha

Peace Homies,
Love Casey


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