Happy Dog

If there is a happier, more easy-going dog on this planet than Casey, I wouldn’t know it. Casey is and has been the easiest dog to take care of ever. I’m so glad to have enjoyed her company the past two weeks, and I hope she enjoyed mine despite the dullness of being indoors most of the day, no yard to run around in, or of course her mom & dad.

Casey, thank you for being such a sweetie pie!!! Thanks for letting us mess with your hot spot and not biting me in the process. Thank you for wearing the alien helmet despite your nervousness and frustration.  You kept me the most pleasant company every evening and I enjoyed watching you gallop around the house like a crazy beast when you got excited over walks, play time, when we came home, or a peanut butter bone. If you snored, I didn’t even hear it, and wouldn’t have minded anyway! Love you girl, you are welcome anytime!!!

keeping Hazel's bed warm


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