Germany – Jan 29, 2011

Today we walked to Schloss Craheim with Sandra und Volker.

Sandra und Volker on the way to Schloss Craheim

We're coming! 🙂

The garden room at Schloss Craheim

Beautiful stained glass in the Schloss

Stained glass inside the Schloss

My favorite stained glass windows in the Schloss

the Schloss

We also went to the beverage and grocery stores ( At the beverage store you can buy crates of water, soda, beer, etc., and then when you finish your drinks you take the whole crate full of empty bottles (plastic & glass) and return them to the store for a rebate. They recycle all of the bottles which is a terrific way of keeping unnecessary trash out of landfills.

In the evening we enjoyed feuerzangenbowle

this stuff will knock you on your butt!

and ate cold cuts, dark bread, and pizza with bacon (schenken) on it.

Oh, and by the way…our car is so small that even the Europeans make fun of it. (We ♥ you, Henri)


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