Letters from Grandma’s House

Hi Mom and Dad! I hope you are doing well over there in my “German” homeland 🙂 I am being a good girl. I played really hard with DJ, Tiffany’s male cocker spaniel the other day. He plays soooooo hard, but I kept up with him, and I let him think he was dominant! LOL! Silly boys… Then Tanya said Casey had “soft stools” whatever that is, but it was good she had them because we got to eat chicken! I hope she has more of those. Grampa made us eggs for over our food this morning. I am trying really hard to remember what I did that I earned that treat so I can do it again. I haven’t eaten any toys or kleenex lately, Gramma said I am the best doggie ever. She scratches my belly and Gramma and Gramps love on me every night. I miss you but I am doing alright. I was told that today was Saturday so we aren’t going to daycare. I don’t understand that? Maybe you can explain it better when you get home. Oh, and I’m sleeping until 6:30 now, just like you wanted me to. I love you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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