Germany – Jan 30, 2011

We slept in (yay!) today and had breakfast around 9:30. I had a piece of toast with butter and hagebutten jelly, a cup of fenchel tea, and eine Braeburn apfel. At noon we had lunch – noodles with meat and brown sauce, and cabbage salad. Saundra made delicious chocolate mousse, but I couldn’t hardly eat half, as I could not even finish my lunch. I was still so full from the prior day!!!

After lunch we took a 45-minute nap. At 2:00 we walked to Wetzhausen, which is the village next to Birnfeld and also where Saundra is from (Saundra vom Wetzhausen hehehe). We toured the kirche im Wetzhausen, which was built in the 1400’s and has had only 29 pastors in its entire history!

view of the church from 2nd story

very old glass windows, still in almost perfect condition

a beautiful crown made of hay

see how worn the middle of each step is? that's 600 years of feet going up and down!

the altar, decorated for Christmas

beautifully carved stone reliefs

the original way of writing Wetzhausen, carved into a wall in the church

old, worn pews and old, worn stone reliefs

Then we snuck into a fachwerkbaum house that needed a lot of renovation to be brought back to life

our new haus (haha) in Wetzhausen

the barn at our new haus in Wetzhausen

Afterwards we met Saundra’s mother and then walked back to Birnfeld.

There is an old gas station for sale in Wetzhausen that would make the perfect café. Unfortunately I failed to take any pictures of it!!! And I have been dreaming of it all day. Our family could live upstairs (if it is an apartment) and  the café could be downstairs. It has 3 large wooden garage doors, a very large area for a patio, a large field that we could use as a seating area for people to watch movies projected onto the café wall… we could serve cereal, fresh juice, pastries, as well as hamburgers and tacos for the people driving/biking/walking through.

This evening Ivonne, Stefan, and little Lukas came over. We looked at old family pictures, enjoyed coffee (and tea) and Oma’s marmorkuchen and chatted for a long while. Dinner was cold cuts with dark bread and pickles, delicious 🙂 Now we are upstairs in Volker’s apartment, about to watch “Despicable Me.”

I also saw the biggest squirrel of my life today. It was red with a huge fluffy tail, eating some nuts out of the backyard. Super cute in Japanese!!!

Bis dann!


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