Germany – Jan 31, 2011

A few things, before I forget:

  • They do not believe in napkins in Germany. Somebody please explain this to me.
  • When you learn another language, you often learn new things about your own. For example, in English when the letters ‘k’ and ‘n’ are together, such as in the word “know” – the “k” is not pronounced. In German, however, the same combination of letters produces a different sound; for example, the word “Knoblauch” (garlic) is literally pronounced k-no-blau-k with a sharp ‘k’. (I’ll need to learn more words in German before I can understand whether or not this normal.)
  • I have realized that I am living like a local. This realization was hidden under a very thin layer of boredom. Not even boredom really, more like anticipation. Not only anticipation though, more like an eagerness to see more of Germany.

In this anticipation and eagerness I realized I was not fully present. So I had a little talk with myself and decided to work on being more present, especially while I am in this beautiful village (Birnfeld) again these beautiful hills (huegeln) with these welcoming people and this comforting house (haus). Bavaria!!! I am in Bavaria.

Along with this present-work comes more joy. Enjoying breakfast (fruchstig, although I wouldn’t know how to spell it) without wondering what is next; enjoying the fresh hornchen mit butter und Nutella und honig. Hot tea and the smell of kaffee. Kondensmilk, which is not sweet… constant the little surprises.

On walks, the destination isn’t so very important. Just enjoy the walk – step on the crunchy snow (schnee), look across the cold, plowed fields, joke about the yellow snow from the many dogs (hunden)…enjoy the view. And when we get to wherever it is we’re going, enjoy it while we’re there. Take lots of pictures, too.

We go to the grocery store (usually Rewe in Stadtlauringen), we take walks, we scratch Daisy’s sweet belly, we watch TV, we cook, we clean, we wear house-shoes.


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