Captivity Stinks

Day 4 of captivity. Gramma says it’s too cold to go outside. I love 15 degree weather – you have to convince her it’s good for me! She was not happy with me last night. The wind was blowing (only about 25 mph though) and rattling the doors on the fireplace. At 4 a.m. (that’s not sooo early) I had to go potty so Gramms let me out. Well, it was raining too, and I got soooo scared with the wind howling and it was rainy and dark and so I hid under the bushes and just couldn’t come out. Mean ‘ol Gramma got mad at me and made me come out and I was soooo scared but I ran into the house. She’s lucky I didn’t tear up the toilet paper this afternoon. You need to talk to her. I better get to go to daycare tomorrow. Pleaaassssseeee…… help me!!!


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