To Mom From Hazel

Despite what Grams may tell you, I am trying my absolute best to be a good puppy. I played with DJ all day yesterday and gave Noah kisses on his chin. Rick said I was the cutest thing ever and scratched my belly to prove it 🙂 I DO like playing in the cold weather and I won’t come in until I’m ready. I need out, ok? Is that so wrong? Grams and Gramps seem to think that 18 degrees is too cold for me, but Casey and I like it that way. We are dreaming about the snow drifts in Crested Butte. Oh, and Grams was mean this morning. I was just playing, but I wouldn’t let Casey in the back seat. Gramma growled at me in a very low, scary voice and made me move over and let Casey in. I was just playing – I swear! She pointed that nasty water bottle at me and I didn’t make NOT ONE SQUEEK all the way to daycare. Aren’t you proud of me? And I haven’t bit anyone at the kennel, not even the new girl. I’m such a goooood little girl 🙂 Love and miss you! Hazelbug


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