Welding Wednesdays: Back to School

It’s finally happening, Maurice is going back to school!!!

We’ve been preparing for this for 6 years, and it’s finally here. Yesterday was a big day for us – he put in his notice at FMC where he’s been working for the past 5 1/2 years. Which means that for the next year I get to carry our health insurance and we won’t be getting two paychecks, but it will be well worth it to pinch our pennies if it means that he gets to learn to do what he really likes! Lucky for us he does get the benefit of the G.I. Bill since he’s a veteran (THANK YOU HONEY!), which will definitely help.

Even if he didn’t have it, I’d be happy that he’s going back to school.

So it is back to the world of class schedules, advisors, grossly overpriced text books, campus activities, spring break, and student discounts.

Hazel and I give you 3 guesses as to what he’s going back to school for. Here I am modeling a bit of his new wardrobe to help you guess:

If you guessed camoflaged darth vader-like ninja you'd be wrong, but nice try!


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