USA Pro Cycling Challenge – Stage 1

Today’s ride is from Salida to Crested Butte.

Did you hear that? I said CRESTED BUTTE.

Nevermind that CB is my favorite small mountain town in Colorado! And nevermind that I have more fond memories of that place than I can count on ten hands. (My honeymoon, hiking in the summer, snowshoeing in the winter, cross-country skiing to a warming yurt, downhill skiing with my mom & dad, getting stuck in 6′ of snow with my best friend, all the pizza I can stuff down my pie hole at the Stash, getting sauced with the locals at the Eldo, The Elizabeth Anne B&B, Hazel & Casey romping through the snow…geez, I could go on for ages!!)

Point being: I’m not there and I’m kinda bitter about it!

en route to my CB....sniff, sniff...

*photo courtesy of 

I wish Maurice and I were there to cheer on the riders; to stand on CO-135 and feel the swoosh of the peloton pass us by; to party on Elk Avenue with everyone in town after the race.

Sad as it may be that we are not there, I really am happy that the race goes through CB. CB is a biking town, and when I say biking town, I mean biking town. Road, downhill, single-track, you name it, CB is tops.

Anyway. I’m going to dry my tears but in the meantime, GO LEIPHEIMER! GO HINCAPIE! (7th and 6th place today, rock on guys!)







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