Grandma B

Of the many amazing people in my life, I am especially proud of my Grandma B!! She has been through so much in her life, things that are difficult enough to handle alone, yet she’s shouldered so many throughout her life. Despite the challenges my Grandma’s glass is always half full!!

Grandma B always has a sense of humor (some of the dirtiest jokes I know, included!), a hug to give, and a charitable heart. She told me once that she’s donated blood regularly without fail for the past 50 years. When her friends need her, she’s there for them.

Grandma also has a green thumb; she can bring plants back from the grave, it seems,  just by looking at them. (I’m pretty sure she uses her Jewish talents to guilt them into springing back to life).

She knows how to make you feel special & beautiful, never short on compliments and a pinch on the hiney if you’re a cute guy!! Speaking of hiney, Grandma KNOWS how to shake her bootie!! Most weekends she can be found dancing to whatever music is going on. At a restaurant and she likes the song? You’re going to dance with her.

Recently Grandma was recognized by AARP for her numerous, on-going volunteerism in the community. This may have been her first award of this kind but if you ask me it should be her 10th! She volunteers at Uncle Greg’s home, with the senior center, with the food bank, with a women’s shelter, with the blood bank, with the elections, and many many other things.

Have I mentioned that Grandma is 85? She’s got more energy than my husband and I combined!

I am so proud of my Grandma, and am happy to see that she was formally recognized for everything she gives to people. She’s not “giving back” – she’s just giving!!! We should all take a cue from her play book and remember that others need us more than the things we think we need for ourselves.

Love you Grandma B!!!



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