Welding Wednesdays: Mig 2F, Butt Weld with .45 Flux Core A, and other things I don’t understand

I know these posts might seem dull to most but they’re meaningful to me. I’m enjoying documenting Maurice’s progress through school, and even more, I’m enjoying his happiness as he emails me pictures of things he’s working on, talks about school, studies… seeing him happy is the best!!! Hopefully he’ll look back on these and go “wow, I worked my tail off, and it was worth it!” – good work, dear!

mig 2f

overhead 4f mig

from Maurice:  “I am now moving on to flux core:) here is an over head 4F picture of my last mig weld;)”

See how excited he is? 🙂

butt weld with .45 flux core A

edge weld flux core A plus


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