My husband knows me

I knew Maurice was up to something good yesterday when he emailed and said “I have a surprise for you.”  Despite my plea to TELL ME RIGHT NOW OMG I CAN’T WAIT TELL ME TELL ME!, he didn’t cave in. He never does which I find irritating love about him. I’m never any good about waiting for surprises, just ask my mom. She’s no good at it either.

When I got home, Maurice had a sly look on his face and a hand behind his back. First thing I said was “I WANT MY SURPRISE NOW PLEASE!!!” and he showed me his closed hand. “WHAT IS IT WHAT IS IT!” When he opened his hand, he had a small black key. I squinted my eyes and said “is that what I think it is?…”

Sure enough, the key belonged to exactly what I thought and hoped it would be:

my very own toolbox!

There it was, all shiny and newly-restored just for me! No more sharing, no more digging through his mess (sorry honey) of tools to find mine, no sticky glue or flammable liquids to get on my pretty hands while searching for MY tools… it even has my name on it!

yep, that's mine

Now I can really get down to business building beds and side tables and dining tables with benches and TV stands and whatever else I or my family & friends may want! Knowing that would be my desire, Maurice even included these wish-list goodies for me so that I can start right away:

carpenter's square

carpenter pencils

I think what’s even cooler is that Maurice put so much work and thought into restoring it for me! He salvaged it from the work trash pile and brought it home, knowing that with a little elbow grease, paint, and a few adjustments it’d be good as new.

Here are a few pictures of the work he’s done to it to get it pretty for me:

before: rusty, dirty, nasty


sanding the rust away

taking it all apart

prepping for paint

first layer of paint goes on

then the guts get prepped and painted

hardware gets adjusted and prettied up!

He even put noise-dampening pads on the top lid so that when it closes, it doesn’t make a peep (he knows I hate loud noises). He thought of everything!! Now I just need to fill it up. I have some card making materials going in the top drawer. Surely he won’t mind if I put modge-podge and 20 vials of glitter in there.

So to all you nay-sayers who say that I must be joking when I ask for a 12″ sliding compound miter saw, or that I prefer to receive something useful rather than extravagant as a gift, take this as a lesson. Not all women want diamonds and froo-froo; some of us want tool boxes and a man in overalls. But all of us really just want a man that listens to what we like and supports our interests….even if it means giving up a tiny bit of garage space 🙂


2 thoughts on “My husband knows me

  1. That is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts you have ever received! Mr. Maurice – you da man! What a wonderful son-in-law we have!

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