Honey, what are you really trying to tell me??

I am trying my best to learn German. Maurice writes to me during the work week, and to facilitate my Sprachenlernen, he’ll more often than not write to me in Deutsch. Also more often than not, I end up using Google Translate to assist me with some, if not all, of his email. This morning went something like this:

“Hallo, meine schoene Backende Frau.

Wie geht es dir Heute, es tut mir leid das duch nicht gut Schlaffen contestL  Heute Abend kanst du vor mir ins Bett gehen und einschlaffen.   Ich hoffe du hast einen schoenen Tag, und das es ein produktiver Arbeits Tag ist!

Mit Liebe
Dein Ehemann,

I started to translate using my own Deutsch skillz:

“Hallo, my beautiful something (will have to look this one up) Lady.

How are you, something something Sleeping contest huh?? Something today can… uh…Day…ok I give up please help me.

With Love,
Your Husband

Armed with the words I clearly do not yet comprehend, I went to my trustworthy Google Translate pal and copied the email in, pressed the magic button, and this is what I got:

“Hello, my beautiful wife back end.  (umm…)

How are you today, I’m sorry that Duch is not good flaccid contestL (now you’re getting weird) tonight then you can do before I go to bed (I’m not so sure I want to do what YOU want to do before bed!) andeinschlaffen (oh yes, andeinschlaffen translates to andeinschlaffen, that is so much clearer, thanks Google!). I hope you have a nice day, and it is a productive work day!

with love
Your husband,


Maurice’s response:

“Google translate Sucks”

haha!!! In any case,

“Dear Maurice’s butt,

We seem to be having a communication problem. I’ll be sleeping on the couch until the “contest” is over.

Deine loving but weirded-out Frau,


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