Happy Halloween

Look what I found in the apartment yesterday:

pepe le pew

A SKUNK! This little bugger just wandered in off the streets and made itself at home.

wandering around

checking everything out

I was just so happy that it didn’t spray any of us that I decided to offer it a treat. What do you know, that skunk knows the “shake” command!

must've gone to skunk skool

Little Skunk gave me mean-face at one point, to let us know that despite all the cuteness, there was a rabid, killer skunk on the inside.


Beware, OOOOooOOooOoooOoooooo!



3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Too Cute, I am sure when it meets Hazel that it will let her know who is in charge! Hazel beware, of your Striped “cohabitant”.

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