Welding Wednesdays: Bad Cabinet, Good Cabinet

One of Maurice’s pet peeves is sloppy work. It doesn’t matter how small or large the task, Maurice likes things done right and well! So it came as no surprise that he was irritated by the shoddy work of some of the other welding students who were asked to build a few cabinets for a local company. The company donated the materials with the agreement that the students would do the work – a win/win situation for both parties.

The other students built the first shelf; however, when Maurice saw the poor quality of the first shelf, he not only jumped in to fix it, but he built the 2nd shelf as well to ensure high quality craftsmanship. I love that about Maurice!

the bad cabinet - poorly tacked and welded

mr. wojcik and another student discussing the project

john (a "quality worker") tacking the shelf


finish welding the frame after checking for square

grinding the seam weld

the final "good" product

Well done, guys!!



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