Homemade Haus – Sunburst Mirror

So I’m jumping on the bandwagon, albeit last years’ bandwagon, and making my own attempt at a DIY sunburst mirror! I have a big blank wall at work that I’d like to spice up, and this mirror should do the trick nicely. It’ll also give me a good place to freshen up without having to venture into the nasty ladies’ room (WHY are the women at work SO GROSS…)

This is the mirror I’m going to make, from the Centsational Girl blog:

DIY paintstick mirror (photo courtesy of Centsational Girl)

So far I have an 8″ mirror ($4.99 at Hobby Lobby), an 8″ embroidery hoop ($1.19 at Hobby Lobby), liquid nails, a paintbrush, and paint (Folk Art’s “Metallic Sahara Gold” and “Metallic Champagne” – layered, should give the mirror depth and a bit of shine). Maurice is making me a custom picture hanger, and he managed to score 50 paint sticks from Sherwin Williams for free!! We searched for them high and low; Lowe’s will only give out 2 at a time?! At that rate we’d have to hit up every Lowe’s in Texas!!

I need to cut & sand the paint sticks tonight, and then I’ll start putting everything together 🙂 The project should only cost roughly $25, including everything we had to buy more of (liquid nails, fresh Xacto blades, and paint) so I really can’t complain about the cost!! If it turns out well then I’ll proceed to redecorate the rest of my boxy office.





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