Big Boy Bed, & Swim Class

Today is the first day you are sleeping in your new big boy bed at home. You slept in a regular bed for 3 weeks during our time at Oma’s in Germany; when you got home, you noticed your bed was a “baby bed”. You pointed to it and said “baby bed!” You did so well in a regular bed at Oma’s, and expressed such eagerness to sleep in a big bed, that we figured it was time.

Time for you, but it’s a hard time for me as your mom, to watch you grow up so quickly!!

We laid you in bed, read you a story (“Planes”), and then prayed and kissed you goodnight. We then hurried to our bedroom to watch you on the monitor. We watched you explore your new bed, and exclaim “a HA!” as you looked at your new sheets. You crack us up all the time!!

Today was also the first day that you did swim lessons without me being in the pool with you. Papa took you to swimming lessons (at Houston Swim Club) and let go of your little hand, watching you walk around the pool all by yourself. He watched you swim and then we celebrate when you got home with ice cream!!

Today has been a big day but you’re handling all of the changes like the little champion that you are. We’re so proud of you!!


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