Maurice’s 36th Birthday: Fogo de Chao

To celebrate Maurice’s birthday a little more, we went out to Fogo de Chao on Friday night. Maurice had never been to a churrascaria so we got a little dressed up and went out on the town!

all dressed up and ready to go out!

We had reservations for 7pm, and when we got there we were given a cute table for two, ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir, and the feasting began. First we hit up the salad bar, and agreed that the artichoke heart was our favorite. They also had smoked salmon, olives, asparagus, and allll kinds of fresh produce. It was delicious but the main attraction (the meat!!) was still coming so we tried to take it easy on the salad.

Then the meat showed up. Oh my goodness, was it good!! We tried all of it! The picanha and the tiny lamb chop (surprisingly!) were my two favorites; Maurice said the Parmesan-crusted pork loin was his. We ate and ate and ate:

happy but stuffed!

They also brought out cheese bread, fried plantains (yum!) and crispy polenta which was also a highlight of the night.

ok paparazzi, can i please eat in peace now?

We did our best to make more room by drinking more wine 😀 Sometimes you just have to suck it up, you know? hehehe…

birthday card time

private thoughts 😉

One of Maurice’s favorite desserts is creme brulee. He ordered two 🙂

how you doin?

make it a good wish, b!

It was an awesome evening together 🙂 We went home happy and stuffed, and looking forward to the next year together. Happy birthday, B!

getting ready for date night together 🙂


Happy birthday, B!!!

Happy happy birthday, Maurice!! I love you so dearly, and love celebrating “you’!! You are amazing, and what a great year this has been. Here are some of my faves from 2011 when you were just a wee young lad of 35 🙂

maurice (35 years old)

Damn you are still hott! hehehe… here’s to another super year, may it be your best one yet – Prost!!

Love you,
Nikki (and Hazeldog!)

Happy 3rd birthday, sweet Hazel!!

Man, we love you dog!!! You are the best thing ever. You give us so much love and make us double over with laughter. Thanks for always being so sweet and hilarious and patient

Happy 3rd birthday Hazeldog, Woolyschmooly, Little Brown Dog (LBD), BFF (best furry friend), Tinytinydog, Muppet, Fraggleface, Cutiepatootie!

party on!!!


Guten Mittwoch!

Good morning! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Mom Grams and Gramps don’t like getting up at 5. Why is that? I love playing and shredding kleenex then. Good times…. I’ll let you know how my day at daycare goes. I plan to be the life of the party today! Love, Hazel xoxoxoxo