Biking memories a la Maurice

“Angelique and I would go out here to this little pond on a hill to run the R/C Boat – of which the one in the garage is the exact same one;)”


Here is my old path to school! [in Sindelfingen] I thought it was like 5 miles one way (maybe because I was only 9) but its more like 2 miles one way :/  silly me. Cool huh?”


Here is where I went to ride my bike, into the woods in that area :)”

Now we need to go back to Germany and re-ride those routes so Maurice can share even more memories 🙂


USA Pro Cycling Challenge – Stage 6

Stage 6 takes it to my hometown 🙂 I couldn’t be more proud and excited to watch Golden and Denver receive these amazing athletes at the end of the inaugural USA Pro Cycling Challenge!!!

my hometown!

My excitement bubbleth over hehehe 🙂

AND, Mr. Levi Leipheimer WON!!! I’m sure he has jello legs but I hope he celebrates with a pint of freshly brewed Coors or Winkoop beer!!

Thank you Rocky Mountains, and thank you cyclists for giving us such a fun race to watch!!! Can’t wait for next years’ race, only next year, I’ll BE THERE!

USA Pro Cycling Challenge – Stage 5


Now I got somethin 🙂

Oh how I long to be in Breckenridge, watching the cyclists finish the 5th stage. So many good memories!!!

…like the time we went skiing with my BFF, Amy, & Boo for New Years 2009/2010:

Breck with my bestie!

by the Blue River

cozy Main Street, Breckenridge

Happy New Year 2010!!!

Maurice and I used to ski in Breckenridge almost every weekend when we lived in the Springs. I long for the days we spent skiing, eating crepes, and enjoying the sparkling lights along Main Street!!

Anyway, this isn’t about moi. This is about all the hardcore cycling pros & my good ‘ol Rocky Mountains making the USA Pro Cycling Challenge such a joy to watch!!! Way to go guys!!!

USA Pro Cycling Challenge – Stage 2

Wish I could’ve participated in yesterday’s festivities in Crested Butte!!! I bet the energy was off the charts 🙂

Today’s stage is from Gunnison to Aspen over some of the most beautiful terrain you’ll ever see!

They’re calling it the Queen stage, the “crown jewel” of the seven stages. And, no doubt, it is: my guys (Leipheimer and Hincapie) have to summit TWO 12,000-foot peaks. TWO.

For anyone who has ever tried to hike over a tall mountain, you know what a challenge one can be. But to scale two in the same day, you gotta be a certified badass. 

I hope they have a lot of beer & pizza in Aspen for these guys!


USA Pro Cycling Challenge – Stage 1

Today’s ride is from Salida to Crested Butte.

Did you hear that? I said CRESTED BUTTE.

Nevermind that CB is my favorite small mountain town in Colorado! And nevermind that I have more fond memories of that place than I can count on ten hands. (My honeymoon, hiking in the summer, snowshoeing in the winter, cross-country skiing to a warming yurt, downhill skiing with my mom & dad, getting stuck in 6′ of snow with my best friend, all the pizza I can stuff down my pie hole at the Stash, getting sauced with the locals at the Eldo, The Elizabeth Anne B&B, Hazel & Casey romping through the snow…geez, I could go on for ages!!)

Point being: I’m not there and I’m kinda bitter about it!

en route to my CB....sniff, sniff...

*photo courtesy of 

I wish Maurice and I were there to cheer on the riders; to stand on CO-135 and feel the swoosh of the peloton pass us by; to party on Elk Avenue with everyone in town after the race.

Sad as it may be that we are not there, I really am happy that the race goes through CB. CB is a biking town, and when I say biking town, I mean biking town. Road, downhill, single-track, you name it, CB is tops.

Anyway. I’m going to dry my tears but in the meantime, GO LEIPHEIMER! GO HINCAPIE! (7th and 6th place today, rock on guys!)






USA Pro Cycling Challenge – Prologue

…begins today!!!

If only we were in Colorado Springs to watch the first stage!!! It starts right near Old Colorado City – our favorite hangout in the Springs – and ends at Garden of the Gods.

2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Prologue*

Old Colorado City. Garden of the Gods. My Rocky Mountains. My favorite cyclists. And we’re not there!!! Boo 😥

Next year… oh yes, next year, we will be there to follow every stage!!! Maybe the folks who run this shindig will bestow upon us some VIP tickets, hehehe…


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