Sick Day

Sometimes we all need a day at home to snuggle in bed until we feel better. Hazel is no exception!

sick day at home

Sweet girl had to take medicine today to evict some freeloaders. Maurice is taking good care of her.

I wonder if she’ll share the bed tonight? 🙂


Hazel & Abby

Here’s Hazel eye-balling Abby’s toy at daycare today…

hazel & her pal abby at daycare

Abby better keep a good eye on it, Hazel is sneakysneaky!

Two happy dogs. Thank you, Kickapoo Ranch!!


Happy Halloween

Look what I found in the apartment yesterday:

pepe le pew

A SKUNK! This little bugger just wandered in off the streets and made itself at home.

wandering around

checking everything out

I was just so happy that it didn’t spray any of us that I decided to offer it a treat. What do you know, that skunk knows the “shake” command!

must've gone to skunk skool

Little Skunk gave me mean-face at one point, to let us know that despite all the cuteness, there was a rabid, killer skunk on the inside.


Beware, OOOOooOOooOoooOoooooo!


Happy 3rd birthday, sweet Hazel!!

Man, we love you dog!!! You are the best thing ever. You give us so much love and make us double over with laughter. Thanks for always being so sweet and hilarious and patient

Happy 3rd birthday Hazeldog, Woolyschmooly, Little Brown Dog (LBD), BFF (best furry friend), Tinytinydog, Muppet, Fraggleface, Cutiepatootie!

party on!!!


A Porch Day

It makes it difficult to sit at work and focus when I receive emails like this from Maurice:

“We miss you, we are relaxing on the porch, when you get here you can relax with us!”

My lovely husband, adorable puppy, sunshine, and a Lone Star.

Keeping Hazel stocked with kibble and toys is the only reason I’m still at work!!!

Captivity Day 2

Because it is 23 degrees outside and 30-40 mph winds, and ice on the ground, Grams won’t take us to daycare. I don’t care that I even got to have a small piece of meatloaf. I need you to come rescue me and take me to DJ. Please send help.

Captive Yet Again!

Hi Mom and Dad! I misssss you so much! I had the most wonderful time at the kennel last weekend. Even a visit from my new boyfriend, handsome DJ. He only likes ME! Grams picked us up on Monday night (Casey had to have a bath at daycare but I escaped that fate) and we ate the best dinner ever and went right to sleep. I woke up all rested and ready to go to daycare and Grams wouldn’t take us! She said something about some evil dentist appointment and I begged Gramps but he had to meet some evil realtor, and Casey and I are captive at the house by ourselves all day again! And there is this evil weatherman saying we are going to have another ice storm tomorrow and if that happens Grams has already said we can’t go to daycare. Help us Mom and Dad!