Anyone who knows just a little about me knows that I love snow. I am a skier – it’s a birth right, given that I was born in the spectacular state of Colorado. My mamacita taught Dustin and I how to ski at an early age. She used to take us to the ski resort with her when we were still living in Denver and she worked at Coors.

I can remember sitting in the living room in my long john’s, Mom in the kitchen making her health shake, and Dustin be-bopping around in his ski outfit as we prepared to head up into the mountains. (Mom says I didn’t always want to go, but she must’ve been thinking of the wrong daughter, ha!!)

You’d think that growing up with all that snow and skiing I’d be good at it, right? Well, I am… now. But when I was in college in Washington I went a few times with some friends I was a pretty sucky skier. Kaylee and I took a trip in 2004 – still sucky. But something clicked when Maurice and I spent the 2005-2006 season skiing. Not sure what changed but now I love tackling the blacks as much as the blues, and we have quite a fun time skiing together!

Anyway, we now live in the 2nd shittiest place in the U.S. (Houston – Louisiana is the 1st shittiest place) and don’t get to see much snow, let alone do any skiing. We’re working on changing that and in the meantime, we get our snow fix by traveling to the mountains as much as we can and by ogling the pictures we see online.

Yesterday gave us a good boost – it was the first major snow of late 2011 in Colorado and boy did they get it!!! Here are my favorites from the various posts I saw online yesterday. Enjoy!!

elk avenue in crested butte

piling it up at breckenridge

my favorite starbinks location, main street breckenridge


horsie needs a sweater in steamboat

and one last funny for ya


USA Pro Cycling Challenge – Stage 5


Now I got somethin 🙂

Oh how I long to be in Breckenridge, watching the cyclists finish the 5th stage. So many good memories!!!

…like the time we went skiing with my BFF, Amy, & Boo for New Years 2009/2010:

Breck with my bestie!

by the Blue River

cozy Main Street, Breckenridge

Happy New Year 2010!!!

Maurice and I used to ski in Breckenridge almost every weekend when we lived in the Springs. I long for the days we spent skiing, eating crepes, and enjoying the sparkling lights along Main Street!!

Anyway, this isn’t about moi. This is about all the hardcore cycling pros & my good ‘ol Rocky Mountains making the USA Pro Cycling Challenge such a joy to watch!!! Way to go guys!!!


June 19th – 25th, 2010 for work with Oceaneering. Awesome!!  










2010 Winter Olympics

It’s time once again for one of my favorite events: the Winter Olympics. This year they are being held in Vancouver, British Columbia. I am so excited to watch them again! Turin Italy hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics, and I thought at the time I’d never be so lucky to get to go to Italy and watch something so amazing. Well I’ve been to Italy a few times now so you never know what will happen! I may not make it this go-round but I’m going to try my best to see them live in 2014, wherever they may be!!!

Opening night is always amazing, so inspiring. To be honest I’m not even sure who’s going to perform this evening, but that is only a small portion of the magic. I love watching the parade of countries, watching all the athletes fill the stadium, listening to the anthems from around the world, watching the torch reach its final destination with such anticipation and ceremony! Surely tonight will amaze me as it always does, no matter if it’s the winter or summer Olympics.

I’m excited to see what Apolo Ohno does this year. And if Lindsey Vonn will make it despite her recent training injury. I’m hoping Bode Miller doesn’t make a total ass, on or off the mountain, like he usually does.

But most of all I’m looking forward to hearing the stories of all the athletes who have worked their lives for this moment, to hear about their struggles and watch them participate no matter if they win the gold or only get one good run at it. It’s the people I love the most about the Olympics.

Let me not fail to mention that this years’ events will also take place in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Olympics or no Olympics, I will ski there some day!!!

So Canada, do what you always do best: be the gracious, kind, intelligent, worldly, mellow people you always are, and show us all what it’s all about!!!

2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC


*** As I was posting this it was announced that one participant just lost his life in training… my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Nodar Kumaritashvili.

Breckenridge 2009

Let me just start by saying, I had an AWESOME time in Breckenridge with my BFF Kaylee, Amy and Boo, and Maurice.

We got into Denver around 10pm and met up with Kaylee at baggage claim. Then we went to the car rental place…oh my gosh what a fiasco. We started off in a Camry with a broken ski rack, and after a lot of finagleing (sp?) ended up in a Prius with a ski rack that didn’t lock. We chucked our things in the Prius and set off for Georgetown. We got to the Georgetown Mountain Inn (which I no longer recommend) around 12:40am and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning to some new jewels!!! Yes, Maurice surprised me with beautiful citrine earrings 🙂 Thank you honey.

Checking out of the GMI…oh my gosh. Drama. “You pay for two night, not one”. Yeah whatever lady we’re out!!! We were soon on our way to Breckenridge for 1/2 day skiing. After that we went to our awesome condo that our awesome friends were waiting in and found Amy & Boo and their delicious roast!!!! Heavenly dinner that evening, lots of wine, lots of laughs.

The next day we went back to Breckenridge and It was great 🙂 Later that evening went back to the condo and watched fireworks from our front porch!!

Fireworks from our condo porch

I don’t think any of us actually made it to midnight that evening but we all woke up bright and early to a fresh 2010!!! We skied at Copper Mountain on Saturday and I have to say, I don’t understand the hype. Short lift lines, cool. But the skiing itself? Not so great. Lots of rocks and peeking through. Poorly groomed. And there isn’t shit to do in the base village.

Anyway, overall was a great time!!! Sorry for the short post. To make up for it, here are some of my faves from the trip:

besties on the slopes of Breck

don't feed the animals!

on the gondola

Time to get our ski on!

My BFF and I do our best to perpetuate the annual ski trip tradition, and thankfully, this year is no different! I’ll take a full order of Breckenridge with a side order of Copper Mountain, please!

It all began in 2004…

Besties at the IHOP in Silverthorne, CO

Phillip before the fit

to Phillip in bed, after the fit…

After the fit

to Kaylee’s triumph on Dercum Mountain…

and her early-morning “let’s catch the first lift” motivation

The first lift of the day is at.... 11AM?

Our ski trips have led us down beautiful snowy paths…

a wee stroll

and who can forget the impromptu sexy photo sessions…

...ahem, Phillip...

 and snow-bound dance parties!

Shake it girl!

Sadly, no ski trips 2005-2006, but 2007 came with a big ‘ol heap of snow in Crested Butte and 2008 was a mellower time in Santa Fe. I am so excited to see what this year brings!!! Breckenridge, here we come!!!