Welding Wednesdays: Midterms

So, today Maurice challenged me to identify the work he did for his welding midterm. Here is my guess:

Turns out, I was right!! The one that is circled is Maurice’s. I knew it by its clean lines, smooth edges, straight alignment, and it’s not full of bubbly over-welded crap!!

Like I said, he takes pride in his work! And I take pride in my man 🙂

Good job B!


Welding Wednesdays: Tool-Making

“When you do not have the right tool, you make the right tool.” – Maurice Belleville

maurice's handmade tool - modified vice grips. the jaws were replaced with pieces maurice fabricated to hold a small piece of pipe.


Welding Wednesdays: Prep Work

One of the key steps to turning out good work when welding, is one that is often overlooked: prep work! Attention should be paid to maintaining a clean work station and prepping the equipment & work piece so that the highest quality weld can be achieved.

clean work table

Maurice gets frustrated when other students don’t take the time to clean up their area and work piece before jumping into the welding portion of the job. He cares about his work, wants others to care greatly about quality and craftsmanship, and I love him for that! Future employers will, too, and he can always feel good about doing the best job possible.

welding machine

One of his other pet peeves is when the students misuse or break a piece of equipment – they do not take ownership for their actions and take much of the work space and equipment for granted. Maurice recently donated a heavy-duty table vice to the school, and within one weeks’ time it had been broken. Nobody came forward to admit guilt, or offered to help fix it. So he spent yesterday fixing it. Come on people!!

Anyway, I love that Maurice takes pride in his work. My grandparents would be proud. Our family is proud of him. And his work shows that he too cares very much for the work he produces.

3f stainless

finished stainless 1f tig


Welding Wednesdays: Tig…ger?

For your viewing pleasure:

tig "T" plate

1f tig

2f tig with staggered bead

root pass, front

good penetration of root pass

cap with 4 separate stringer beads

corner weld

Welding Wednesdays: 2nd Semester

Last week marked the beginning of the 2nd semester of welding school, and Maurice is off to a running start!

Mig 1G with perfect root pass

Mig 1G first pass

Finished cap on Mig 1G

Finished TIG butt weld (end to end with a 1/8" gap)

Looks like he’s well on his way to straight A’s, just like last semester! But most importantly, he’s totally enjoying it which makes both of us happy 🙂

Welding Wednesdays: I’m a real fan of your work!

Last week Maurice asked me to send him a picture of the tail fin from my favorite airplane, so I sent him this:

my favorite airplane, the boeing 787 dreamliner

I would love to fly on it someday, hint hint!!

Then he started sending me these pictures:

hmm, what to build next?

first things first.

these go on the top and bottom.

clamping them together in preparation for welding

What is it? Well, turns out Maurice really likes the windmill my parents have in their backyard, so he decided to build one for us! School credit + garden decor = score!

the first louver goes on

...then the rest

So at what point does the 787 Dreamliner come in?

any guesses as to what this is? 🙂

that's right, the tail fin from my fave 787 is going to be the tail fin on the windmill!

the tail fin being welded together

then the tail fin gets sanded and polished

I’ll be sure to share the rest as it comes together. Maurice sure is clever!

Welding Wednesdays: Bad Cabinet, Good Cabinet

One of Maurice’s pet peeves is sloppy work. It doesn’t matter how small or large the task, Maurice likes things done right and well! So it came as no surprise that he was irritated by the shoddy work of some of the other welding students who were asked to build a few cabinets for a local company. The company donated the materials with the agreement that the students would do the work – a win/win situation for both parties.

The other students built the first shelf; however, when Maurice saw the poor quality of the first shelf, he not only jumped in to fix it, but he built the 2nd shelf as well to ensure high quality craftsmanship. I love that about Maurice!

the bad cabinet - poorly tacked and welded

mr. wojcik and another student discussing the project

john (a "quality worker") tacking the shelf


finish welding the frame after checking for square

grinding the seam weld

the final "good" product

Well done, guys!!


Welding Wednesdays: Hi, Teach!

Here’s a picture of one of Maurice’s teachers (maybe his favorite, too?), Mr. Wojcik:

Mr. Wojcik & unidentified student

Mr. Wojcik drives to Lone Star College from Round Rock (3 hours away) each week to teach. That is dedication! I know Maurice is thankful for great instructors like Mr. Wojcik.

Wishing you all a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hug the ones you love extra tight, and be thankful for all that you have!! xoxo