Welding Wednesdays: Prep Work

One of the key steps to turning out good work when welding, is one that is often overlooked: prep work! Attention should be paid to maintaining a clean work station and prepping the equipment & work piece so that the highest quality weld can be achieved.

clean work table

Maurice gets frustrated when other students don’t take the time to clean up their area and work piece before jumping into the welding portion of the job. He cares about his work, wants others to care greatly about quality and craftsmanship, and I love him for that! Future employers will, too, and he can always feel good about doing the best job possible.

welding machine

One of his other pet peeves is when the students misuse or break a piece of equipment – they do not take ownership for their actions and take much of the work space and equipment for granted. Maurice recently donated a heavy-duty table vice to the school, and within one weeks’ time it had been broken. Nobody came forward to admit guilt, or offered to help fix it. So he spent yesterday fixing it. Come on people!!

Anyway, I love that Maurice takes pride in his work. My grandparents would be proud. Our family is proud of him. And his work shows that he too cares very much for the work he produces.

3f stainless

finished stainless 1f tig