Welding Wednesdays: Tig…ger?

For your viewing pleasure:

tig "T" plate

1f tig

2f tig with staggered bead

root pass, front

good penetration of root pass

cap with 4 separate stringer beads

corner weld


Welding Wednesdays: 7018

I’m having trouble thinking of anything clever to say in this post. So I googled “7018” and this is what I came up with:

July 1 – Canada Day (Canada)
July 1 – July Morning (Bulgaria)
July 1 – Republic Day (Ghana)
July 1, 2008 –  At least 38 people die as a motorised ferry sinks in Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Delta; Starbucks announces that it will close 600 underperforming coffee shops in the United States; a man stabs five people to death in Shanghai; state of emergency declared in Mongolia…

So to all my pals in Canada, Bulgaria, Ghana, Myanmar, and Mongolia, this one’s for you (because I know you are totally interested).

flux core mig 2f

vertical up 3 passes with 7018 rod


overhead 3 passes with 7018 rod