Monster Trucks!

A few weekends ago Maurice and I spent an evening at the Monster Truck Jam that recently came through Houston. We had been looking forward to it since eyeballing the ad in for it online in December. It did not disappoint! For one night, Houston didn’t totally suck and we had a great time!

When we first got to the arena we could hear some of trucks starting up, and we missed the first 20 minutes or so due to a “cash only” snafu that had us kicked out of the parking lot and sent to the nearest ATM. That’s alright though, we parked and bought our tickets which were really close to the front and completely unobstructed. Score! We found our seats, enjoyed the last 15 minutes of the first half, and then the real fun began šŸ™‚ Lookie:

preparing the track for super jumps

"crusader" zooming around

"crusader" jumping

another awesome jump by "crusader"

you mess with the bull you deal with the horns! toro loco went all out!!

forget the name of this guy

monster truck classic "grave digger" getting ready to go

"grave digger" jumping

"grave digger" lost a wheel, still did a jump, and finally fell over

Did I mention that we forgot ear protection? And how LOUD it was? (stick a lawnmower in your ear, start it, and listen to the noise for 2 hours, that’s how loud it was). My ears paid the price for the rest of the evening but we had a super time together! It was so much fun to watch the trucks jump and bounce and boing all over the place, and of course I love the idea of crushing things so I got a kick out of all destructive maneuvers šŸ˜€ Maurice was surprised I liked it so much and says we’ll go back, so I hope so!! Next time: ear plugs, coca-cola, and nachos. Can’t wait!!



Anyone who knows just a little about me knows that I love snow. I am a skier – it’s a birth right, given that I was born in the spectacular state of Colorado. My mamacita taught Dustin and I how to ski at an early age. She used to take us to the ski resort with her when we were still living in Denver and she worked at Coors.

I can remember sitting in the living room in my long john’s, Mom in the kitchen making her health shake, and DustinĀ be-boppingĀ around in his ski outfit as we prepared to head up into the mountains. (Mom says I didn’t always want to go, but she must’ve been thinking of the wrong daughter, ha!!)

You’d think that growing up with all that snow and skiing I’d be good at it, right? Well, I am… now. But when I was in college in Washington I went a few times with some friends I was a pretty sucky skier. Kaylee and I took a trip in 2004 – still sucky. But something clicked when Maurice and I spent the 2005-2006 season skiing. Not sure what changed but now I love tackling the blacks as much as the blues, and we have quite a fun time skiing together!

Anyway, we now live in the 2nd shittiest place in the U.S. (Houston – Louisiana is the 1st shittiest place) and don’t get to see much snow, let alone do any skiing. We’re working on changing that and in the meantime, we get our snow fix by traveling to the mountains as much as we can and by ogling the pictures we see online.

Yesterday gave us a good boost – it was the first major snow of late 2011 in Colorado and boy did they get it!!! Here are my favorites from the various posts I saw online yesterday. Enjoy!!

elk avenue in crested butte

piling it up at breckenridge

my favorite starbinks location, main street breckenridge


horsie needs a sweater in steamboat

and one last funny for ya